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A safe and authentic space for Filipinas

About Us

A safe and authentic space for Filipinas

Better Filipinas is a community organization of women that advocates for positive growth through self-awareness, as we try to empower women around us by reminding them that we are all capable of doing amazing things.

Better Filipinas is about one’s unique journey towards personal development, growth and self-actualization.

We promote mindfulness and healing practices by offering workshops, discussions and our own line of Better Filipinas products that aim to make positive changes towards holistic well-being.

Our Story

Our initial plan last year is to start an educational platform for marginalized communities –  we were supposed to offer skills, lectures and personal development classes, as well as livelihood trainings through partnerships with local government units (LGUs) and NGOs but with the pandemic, we cannot do face to face trainings and onsite classes. We reassessed and decided to focus on promoting holistic wellness – mind, body, and soul approach. Better Filipinas was borne out of this pandemic.

Since we were still in the planning stage when the pandemic struck, we found a lot of opportunities for collaboration, ample room for mistakes and learning, and exploring ideas what we can provide to our community.  We believe that this led us to the realization that this pandemic is a game changer and everyone is trying their best to adapt to the changes brought by this worldwide situation  – so there’s a lot of opportunities to just allow our creative juices to flow.

We had a totally different plan, but we all had to pivot, one way or another. At the start of the pandemic, our team felt lost as to what we will do next since our original plans were no longer feasible. We asked ourselves what we can do NOW and how we can we promote and organize classes and activities for the brand.

It started with a suggestion to offer online yoga classes and group guided meditations. We posted our scheduled activities online not really thinking a lot of people will join, but to our surprise,  more than our expected number of participants signed up. From there, we realized what people needed were activities that promote holistic well-being, mindfulness and balance, especially during such uncertain times.

We pivoted to the Better Filipinas today. We didn’t realize that there is a demand for such until we tried. We try to incorporate our values in our daily routines to create a balanced and intentional lifestyle.

Nonetheless, we still aim to accomplish our initial plans for Better Filipinas once the pandemic ends.


We are a community of women that advocates for positive growth through self-awareness, as we try to empower women around us by reminding them that we are all capable of doing amazing things.


Better Filipinas is about one’s unique journey towards growth and self-actualization.

Products and Services

We hold online yoga classes, group guided meditations, host webinars, workshops and learning sessions on topics related to wellness and mindful living.

We also organized workshops promoting health, wellness and healing such as Mental Health Workshop and a Breast Cancer Awareness Webinar, where we partnered with different brands and organizations who share similar values and advocacies as us.

We offer journals, ‘2021: A Better Year Journal’ to encourage journaling. Journaling helps improve one’s well-being and perspective after stressful or life changing events. We learned so much from this pandemic so we thought to put all our learnings in this journal too.


The pandemic taught us so many valuable lessons but what really helped us start Better Filipinas is an adaptable attitude. Flexibility and adaptability are important for both personal and business growth, and for  any person or organization to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Apart from that, we also realized that staying true to our core principles and being authentic about what we stand for and advocate attract like-minded individuals that create an empowered community. This is why we are making authenticity as one of our core values.

Building our Brand Online

Social media is very helpful in starting and growing any brand, business, or community. Better Filipinas started online. But what is more powerful is honesty, openness, and authenticity – these help us relate and connect to our community effectively.

Since we started Better Filipinas in a middle pandemic, we still haven’t had on-site classes or a physical shop for our products.

Hopefully, after the pandemic, we will be able to hold more classes, events and workshops that would support us in building our educational platform. We also plan to offer more merchandise that would promote holistic wellness.


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Upcoming Activities


We created this project to promote journaling among our community as we have found immense benefits of writing in a journal.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start journaling today:

  1. It helps you to connect to your values, realign your goals and process your emotions.
  2. It helps improve your focus
  3. It helps improve awareness and discernment
  4. It helps you track your overall development
  5. It helps you facilitate your personal growth

Featured book for the month

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An inspiring and illuminating guide to true self care, from the sage teacher and breakout star of the critically acclaimed drama, Queen Sugar, from Executive Producers Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay for OWN.


I just want to share that I have been diagnosed with PCOS and depression last year... and when I saw your ad in my IG, I think it was a sign HAHA because I am currently recovering and slowly being stable mentally and I just want to pivot my goals because I think many things pull me back to success, happiness and just living
I actually just like the variety of things this community organizes for us. And personally every time I attend or participate, I always come out a better person <3
Jen P
Thank you to Better Filipinas for organizing the 21 Day Meditation. I've always been scared of committing to this kind of stuff but you made it naturally and without pressure (and free haha that's also important) so I like it a lot.
I'm grateful that I am a part of this community where it is a safe space for healing and growth! I'm also looking forward to all your sharings or food for thoughts as we go along this book club journey! Congrats, BF for the launch of the book club 🎊
Roseline S.

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